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What is AAW, L3C?

What is AAW, L3C? (Patent Pending)

AAW Infrastructure Partners, L3C (AAW) is a Low Profit, Limited Liability Corporation, arranged as a Social Enterprise for the beneficial purpose of raising donated funding for community projects, as well as, donated match funding for grant opportunities.

We utilize a city-supported, digital marketing platform featuring mobile AAWCouPons® and AAW Advergaming as the means of raising donated funding.  Importantly, this ‘democratized’ digital advertising product is designed to support ‘Main-Street America’ and is affordable for even the smallest local business or start-up.

Locally, AAW’s energy efficient lighting and EV infrastructure program enjoys the support of many Michigan elected officials and has been successfully deployed in Dearborn, as well as, Royal Oak.  Additionally, this initiative has been featured at the White House, and has received a Presidential Letter of Congratulations.

BIG PICTURE: it is well known, America’s crumbling infrastructure is an enormous problem, requiring trillions of dollars to repair.  It is also well known, cash-strapped cities experience push-back from residents for increasing taxes.  Because we do not use taxpayer dollars, this P3 model is a conflict-free, plan-of-action for supporting local businesses AND finally, improving our nation’s infrastructure…NOW!

Our Mission: sustainably fund the rebuilding of America’s failing infrastructure and stimulate local economies via digital marketing, sponsorship and grant opportunities.  Being a Social Enterprise, we donate 60% of our advertising/sponsorship profits, as well as, all utility or government financial incentives to municipalities that are using our programs.